Homebuilders Are Struggling To Find Skilled Workers

It’s a struggle we hear all too often, and we hear it a lot as headhunters in the construction industry. It goes against all logic, especially this past year when unemployment rocketed up, due to the pandemic. It left many Homebuilders scratching their heads….”Why can’t we find skilled workers?”

“A survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found that builders’ top concern is labor, with 85% expecting future cost and availability problems, up from 13% in 2011. It’s a conundrum that predates the pandemic, but one that’s certainly been exacerbated by it. While unemployment peaked at almost 15% in 2020, empty construction jobs nevertheless hovered between 223,000-332,000- about the same number of open slots back when unemployment was only 4.1%. So what gives?”

Hear what business owners and industry experts are saying: https://www-bloomberg-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2021-01-15/finding-workers-is-getting-harder-for-busy-u-s-homebuilders

The Art of Landing the Passive Job Seeker

Finding and hiring talent is hard. Finding and hiring passive talent is harder. But in today’s competitive job markets if you aren’t targeting passive talent it is costing you more than you probably realize. Researcher’s from LinkedIn found that only 12% of the talent market is actively seeking work, while the large majority of professionals, 73% to be exact, are not actively seeking jobs. Think about that. Roughly 8 out of 10 people will not respond to your job post. Why would any company want to limit themselves to the 1 or 2 of disgruntled job seekers who are currently unhappy in their career? Does that sound like the best candidate to you? It may be, but you would be fooling yourself to believe it’s a winning strategy.

We work with hundreds of companies across the country- we know what works, we know what doesn’t. We’ve seen it all so to speak. As an Executive Search firm who prides themselves on landing passive talent for our clients- let us offer you some suggestions as you begin to think about your hiring strategies for 2021.

#1- ENGAGE A NICHE RECRUITING FIRM IN YOUR INDUSTRY– A truly niche recruiting firm who has spent years recruiting within your specific industry can be invaluable to your hiring strategy. They will uncover passive job seekers that you want to hire. They will set the stage for the interview process by selling your story, your culture, and your opportunities. They will vet candidates backgrounds and skills. They will give you a true picture of what is driving this candidates interest. All of these things, in turn, make your life as a Hiring Manager easier, and will give you more time to focus on driving profits.

#2- STOP NEEDING A MINIMUM NUMBER OF INTERVIEWS BEFORE MAKING A HIRING DECISION– I can’t stress this enough. Like I mentioned before, we’ve hired thousands of people for our clients throughout the years. I can assure you, the best way to lose a passive job seeker is to make them wait while you try to meet your antiquated interview quota. If you interview a passive job seeker and you think they are perfect for your company- act immediately. Do not let them leave the interview without an understanding that an offer is coming.

#3- ENGAGE YOUR CURRENT STAFF– Happy employees are tremendous ambassadors for your brand. It’s simple and true. Word of mouth or employee referrals are effective, but not only that, they are also free. Learning of a job at your company from a current employee can be an easy way to tap into the passive talent market without spending a dime.

#4- BE OPEN TO GIVING THEM WHAT THEY CURRENTLY DON’T HAVE– A recruiter makes this easy. This is some of the most valuable information a recruiter can provide a Hiring Manager. After all, at the end of the day, this is why the passive job seeker’s ears are open. Understand their pain points. Be creative and provide solutions for them, if possible. If you are not open to meeting the needs of a passive job seeker- you can bet your competitors are. I promise you. They are.

#5- BE IN A HURRY BUT NOT IN A RUSH– If a passive job seeker is brought to your attention or shows interest in a position with your company, act quickly. Be flexible with your interview availability- be open to an evening or weekend and start with a phone call. Do not give them a chance to rethink their decision or worse yet, look at other competitors job opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to completely turn your interview process on its head for a passive candidate. Go through all the steps you do for all of your interviews, but do it with purpose. The longer the downtime in between steps, the less of a chance it ends in a hire.

If you want more passive candidates for your company’s job openings- please reach out to Cornerstone Recruiting today. For a full listing of the industries we serve, please visit our website at www.csrecruiting.com.

How to Ace a Virtual Interview

There is no question that Covid-19 has changed our lives, likely forever, in all sorts of ways. The hiring process is no exception. Traditionally, candidates could go online, punch in some keywords that match their job search, and apply to jobs that best fit their skill sets. While that may still be the same, what happens from there, we believe, may have changed permanently. Don’t get me wrong, YES, there is no substitution for the tried and true face to face interview- but you may need to ace your virtual interview first.

Don’t be afraid if you have never done one before, follow this advice from The Muse and you will be masking up for an in person interview in no time. Click this link for full article;


Cornerstone Launches Accounting & Finance Division


Forest Hill based Cornerstone Recruiting has spent nearly 20 years building a national brand in the construction, skilled trades, and manufacturing recruiting industries.  

We are excited to announce that, due to our tremendous growth, we are expanding our service offerings to better accommodate our client’s needs, which moving forward, will include all Accounting & Finance related positions.

Leading the new division will be Pauline Wheeler, Accounting & Finance recruiting veteran. Pauline’s career spans over 20 years in recruiting management, more than half of which was spent with nationally recognized accounting & finance staffing leader, Robert Half International. Pauline brings a wealth of industry knowledge and employee development experience that will have an immediate impact on operations moving forward.

Cornerstone Chief Executive Officer, Charlie Dougherty, said: It has always been a goal of ours to open an accounting & finance division within Cornerstone. When the opportunity to partner with a proven leader like Pauline presented itself, we knew the time was now to launch the new division.”

Cornerstone’s customized recruiting options now include: contingency search for executive staff, contingency search for skilled trades workers, temporary staffing, HR outsourcing, recruiting-on-demand, RPO (recruitment process outsourcing), and Onsite recruiting.

For more information on our services, or general questions on how Cornerstone Recruiting can customize a solution for your staffing needs, please visit our website at www.csrecruiting.com or reach out directly to Charlie Dougherty at cdougherty@csrecruiting.com.


What’s in store for the construction industry Under Joe Biden?

With the inauguration of a new administration quickly approaching, it is fair to wonder how new leadership will impact the construction industry. Many industry influencers agree that a large infrastructure bill is long overdue. Jimmy Christianson, VP of Government Affairs at the Associated General Contractors of America, is very optimistic that the Biden/Harris administration will target the construction industry to create jobs and opportunities. Is a $2 Trillion infrastructure bill on the horizon? For full story and details clock here:


Should I Accept A Counter Offer? No.

Let’s say you’ve been with a company for a while. A couple of years. Maybe more. There were good times. But lately, something just feels off. You’re bored, disengaged, and you can’t seem to motivate yourself to love the job and the company the way you used to. You start looking (very casually, mind you), for a new job. You start by reading up on the smartest ways to find better opportunities and grab some free tools on streamlining the job search. You’re very busy, so you look when you can.

Eventually, you hit a match. The new opportunity isn’t perfect (no job or employer is), but the company’s mission and the role excite you — and you’re craving a change. A chance to develop a whole new set of skills. The ability to expand your network and collaborate with different people. You get the offer. The pay is good. More than you’re making. The benefits are roughly the same. The work is interesting and cutting-edge. You decide to take the job. You’ve resolved that it’s time to move on.

Check out this article outlining why you should never look back.


Skilled Trades Reimagined in Post Covid Recovery

For years now, we have seen a growing skills gap in the labor market forming. Hiring Managers across the country have struggled to find qualified skilled trades workers. Young people were taught that going to college, getting a Degree and entering the white collar job force was the only (respectable) path to financial freedom. Experts believe the labor market is changing.

Forbes- senior contributor Marco Annunziata writes- “As the aftershock of the pandemic reshapes the labor market starting from extremely high unemployment levels, faster growth of opportunities in skilled trades might attract a lot more people to those careers; this could accelerate the recovery, reduce the skills gap and help put the US economy on a more solid and resilient growth path.”

Click here for the full story: https://www.forbes.com/sites/marcoannunziata/2020/05/26/why-skilled-trades-can-lead-the-jobs-recovery-and-enjoy-a-brighter-future–klein-tools-front-line-insights/#6fa9a8bc62c9

Construction employment sees record rebound in May

  • The construction industry added 464,000 net new jobs in May, the largest monthly increase in construction jobs since the government began tracking employment in 1939 and a drastic improvement from April, which recorded the industry’s largest month-over-month job loss.
  • While nonresidential construction employment lost more than 570,000 jobs on net in April, a total of 237,000 net new jobs were added in May, according to an Associated Builders and Contractors analysis of data released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
  • The data showed job gains in all three nonresidential subsegments: nonresidential building, nonresidential specialty trade contractors and heavy and civil engineering.

See the full story at https://www.constructiondive.com/news/construction-employment-sees-record-rebound-in-may/579359/